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Things Said in Dreams

Terrorized by her high school classmates, now she has the chance to save their lives.
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I’m gonna be a Playboy model when I graduate.  I’m gonna be a Playboy model.  I think it’s the only career I know that would be suitable to me.  Limited hours.  Pay-per-job.  True you can no longer shop for groceries like normal people.  But I’m ok with that.  Privacy is overrated.

Playboy models have the perfect life.  Bright lights.  Fluffers.  I think I’m gonna need about two fluffers.  One for when I’m actually turned on by doing the scene and one for when I’m not.  I’ll spare you the exact nature of their qualifications.  If you ask me when we’re together then I’ll tell you.  Playboy models may have the perfect life, but fluffers do not.  Sure there’s the excitement of being around porn stars but I’m certain that doesn’t last very long.  And the pay probably isn’t that great.  If I cannot be a Playboy model then I will be a porn queen.  A porn queen is one who stars in her own porn movies and keeps permanent slaves.  As in porn movies watchable on the internet.  I don’t want to do any webcam stuff though.  That interactive stuff where they tell you what to do while they’re jerking off to you?  I’m not opposed to that as a concept but it just seems tedious, logistically.  What I’m talking about is pre-produced lesbian bondage type stuff.  Not totally lesbian.  But I definitely do want to have some lesbian stuff.  Aside from that stipulation, I’m talking about your standard basement torture setup.  Sensory deprivation hoods.  Wooden ponies.  Ice torture.  Feather torture.  Extreme malice and tickling.

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"As satisfying a literary experience as has come down the pike in a novel form in a long time.”
—Grady Harp

"Astonishing.  This is one of those books which is a combination of intense, offbeat, compelling, brilliant and interesting at the same time!  Loved it."
—L. Anne Carrington

"Had me gasping and wincing at the same time.”
Berit Ellingsen

"It mesmerized me.  Not sure what I was expecting, but this was far different, and far more intelligent..  Stream of consciousness can be hard to control, but you’ve made it an art."
—Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn

"Kooky and lascivious..  Sick, but wonderful."
—Peter Morin 

"A girl with a very dark mind—the way she has it all figured out, as all teenagers think that they do—a disturbing life path full of deadly dangers and sexual exploitation, but all viewed calmly and clinically..  I don’t know why but I thought of a modern female Holden Caulfield at times.  Haunting and ambitious."
—Ruth Barrett

"Beautiful!  This is exactly the kind of book I’m searching for when I go to the book store.  I’ll spend an hour there and not find it, though.  I’m amazed.  Things Said in Dreams reads like truth.  The dialogue feels true, the thoughts feel true, and the narration too."
—Rodney Jones

"The language flows smoothly and freely, and this combined with the events themselves, the main protagonist and the transformative conclusion, makes Things Said In Dreams a very impressive and deeply sympathetic work."
Berit Ellingsen

"A great example of the subjective opinion when it comes to voice..I like that the narrator’s concept of life is so skewed..the voice and the character pulled me in..humorous and engaging."
Robb Grindstaff

"A thoroughly enjoyable book for readers seeking a deep, driven narrative.”
Ryne Douglas Pearson 

Things Said in Dreams was originally published by Bryan Borland's Sibling Rivalry Press.