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Why I am unpublishing Things Said in Dreams

Simply, because the publishing industry is bullshit.  The author gets 10%, while the publisher gets 90?  It’s unacceptable.

I’d rather give my books away for free than go along with something like that.  So until a publisher is willing to give me at least 90% of the proceeds of my books, I won’t publish with them.

The author does the crucial work.  For a publisher to get most of the money is robbery.  I’m done with it.

I’ve deleted my list of literary agents and I will no longer send query letters or try to be published by the traditional route.

Who benefits?  You do.  The reader.  And that’s the whole point.  People write books so that people can read books, and it’s a beautiful thing that—with the advent of the internet—simply doesn’t need publishers anymore.

So..sit back and relax, and read my books for free.